Chapter VIII

from by Morpheus Tales

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There is a doorstep we all want to cross.
There is a will to bring a change.
And to feel (that) there is an impact.

You want to feel alive
and that the earth is trembling.

But no one can see. They refuse to.
That great disharmonies and ugliness,
they oddly form us and strengthen us.

Αnd since they do not kill us,
they make us stronger.

They are what keeps us together
in this vortex of space-time.
They destroy us and everything around us.

The disharmonies are essential.
They are all that we have.

You say so! And you fool yourselves!
I can see clearly now.
Τhe Reason.

I am done.
I am ready now.

This is the altar that calls me.
It screams my name in whispers.
Willingly I lay myself on it.
A vortex swirls up in the sky.
Black holes suck the air I breathe.

I am tied facings the void.
I cannot look away.
The sun is black.
The stars are black.
The sky is pale white.

Black mirrors surround me.
They question my reasons for living.
Reflecting my desires for change.
Who am I? What am I?
I am alive.

Am I alive?
As long as fires burn in my eyeballs.
The flames will exhume my pain.
And they will set me free.
This will be the end.
Now the world is gone.
Blindfolds hold me from reality.
Drum sounds come from distance,
From a different part all the time,
As the world keeps spinning.

I think I am dreaming of flying high.
Αbove the crushing waves of reality.
I dream of running towards the unknown.
I dream I am not on that mountaintop.

The altar is not here for me.
I am not on it.
I am laying on thin air.
This is not me here.

I am away. To a secret place.
No one can find me there.
Holding the secrets of life
I am the king.

And holding the keys of all truth
I am a king.
Above all.
I reached what I could not reach.

But this is not a dream!
I should know.
Space-time is real.
Each breathe I take is real.

Everything is real.
And this illusion must end.
What illusion?

Fractions of time
surround my scarred senses
I am constantly falling.
But there is no ground,
To end this sequence.

Ι waft. I elevate. I fly.
In a space were nothing exists.
This is the void.

From the void into the darkness.
The drums are deafening.
Smell of fire floods my senses.
And I know it is time.
This is the end.
What is this thing that stands before me?
What's that pitch black darkness ahead of me?
[Order? Chaos?]
It does not matter.

I fly. I elevate. I ascend.
To a space were nothing exists.
I open my arms.
I embrace the black sun.
And I am for ever gone.


from II, released June 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Morpheus Tales Greece

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