Secular Noir

by Morpheus Tales

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Jacco de Boer
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Jacco de Boer Wow, just heard this already two year old gem. Fantastic spaced out experimental BM, only the Greeks can pull this off.
Darrin King
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Darrin King Blackened space prog anyone? Favorite track: event horizon.
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This is the first Full length album by greek experimental blackmetalheads Morpheus Tales.Lose yourself in a cosmic noir tale of greed and lust and our endless search for our place in the cosmos....


released June 30, 2014

Paris :guitars,drumms and keys programming
Anestis :Bass,Vocals



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Morpheus Tales Greece

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Track Name: freedom of a dying star
Freedom of a Dying Star

Travelled in time, left earth behind.
In search of the I,just to face the inside.
The spirit layed to the unknown,the body was lost in way back home.
The passage through the portal
The choice of outter space.
Freedom of the dying star.
Until it's gone it shines green and bright.
With sharp reflections,Starring the deep blue sky.
A dark connection, of brain and time.
Timetravelling, among the stellar world there is no home for him
Wandering in Aphrodite, eternal problem is the guns , the girls and drinks
Track Name: the milky white dame
The Milky White Dame

The dull colours of a silent sound,that take so slowly the etherial of a female body with sensual touch.
Exquisite harmony of a blank face.Beauty that you can only sing.A flower that needs gold to bleed.
I can see you are my made of pain and the art of seduction is running through your veins.A dirty maiden dressed in elegant cloak.
The perfect symetry with long legs.The pale skin with red hair.Her beauty referred to visual satisfaction.
Track Name: living sexual dimension (l.s.d)
Living Sexual Dimension ( L S D )

Moving on the 69th parallel.Following the phantom of the Cabaret.Within the night he found himself outside the doors of pleasantness.Labyrinthine corridors.Praising tone of the mesmerization.A long trip through the pendulous joy.

Dirty amusement of the master goes unseen
Godfather Priest in the realm of sensations
Offer her naked soul to the stellar blur
Mindtripping mistress Living Sexual Dimension
Perseverance of evil entwine.Bending somewhre in spacetime.Sliding from the throne of satisfaction.Growing the joy of frustation.Through dessolution of himself reached universal completion.
One way in and no way out he is falling deeper down.
Beyond the slow death of night, the light is dark and dark is light...
Track Name: secular noir
Secular Noir

Enslaving time,only the eyes of oblivion can see before the evolution of the substantial worlds.
The hidden orb,a second earth.An arc of descent describingthe course of the terestrial life.
Different dimension,roads of perplexion,the thin line restricting the time.
An astral detection,egocentric perception from the small ones,who think they are gods.
Different dimension,roads of perplexion,the thin line restricting the life.
The seeds of invention.A cosmic perversion,the liquid skies,celectial defile.
Hybrid modern shrine of another time.Laws the keep alive a spiteful lullaby.
High opinion of minds leading to demise.Laws the keep alive a spiteful lullaby.
The next step of being is never pure.Intelligence vaporised in vain.
Wisdom of another world,obscene books defined from narrow minded.
Abounds in subsequence of numbers.Senior maths depict the coexistence of Mental arts.Led to intentional demise
Track Name: event horizon
Event Horizon

The boundary beyond which events cannot affect
an outside observer.The point of no return.
Photon spheres. Led to sector 9.
Mental congestion of spacetime.
Illusions becoming deadly.The gateway.
The image becoming more and more redshifted as time elapses.
The most destructive force in the universe in controlled creation, to accomplish the human greed.
Track Name: gravitational singularity
The abstract form becoming something of a self portrait, reappearing frequently as the future. So Alive. The evolution of reality.

A region of spacetime
gravity prevents all things and light from escaping.
Differential geometry.

All the quantities of the gravitational field become infinite,insusceptible with the coordinate system.
I put my thoughts into infernal orbit, sinister and bizarre-
-colliding with yours. I'm pretty sure.
The spirals of anachronism.
I need something to refresh my memory.
The void is overflowing of progression.
Secular bawdiness.....
Track Name: conviviality of licentiousness
Conviviality of Licentiousness

from the shores of the cosmic ocean
is transparent the syndication between all things
an unending chain connecting everything
from particles to galaxy clusters
Despondesy is unjust in a universe thats in a continuous saturnalia
Orgasnic explosion spew out cosmic sperm
An eternal and ardent dance between celestial beings
Conviviality of Licentiousness runs through the cosmic arteries
From a macroscopic point of view is obvious that Nature is Satans church
Intoxicated we wader through the universe in our heads
the new age contamination sets us to a slow and painfull slip into the nothingness of death
I feel the world and me are in deferent sides of an event horizzon
Mirth comes from ken
Nature is Satans church
The traveller of many worlds wonder how we could let beuty and life to be controlled
the creatures cognition of the symptom of the universe
further they go into the shrine of promiscuity
fear destorts reality and into o system of dread only outlaws can percieve the true nature of the cosmos
Mirth comes from ken
Nature is satans church
dazed he is at the sight of unearthly beuty
he feels pain hitting the bars in his oun minds prison
he fears the sensual eyes of freedom
its painfull to withstand your apetite for life

evil is anthing tha confines life
eden is the temple of licentiousness
i'm still on this planet,i am the future