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This is a concept album.
It is an album about the hypocrisy of our times.
It is an album about the madness of our times.
It is about the denial of reality and the creation of a fictitious world where ideals and romanticism do exist.
It is about the false prophets that pop up very often preaching about Utopias and declaring war against every human being.
Or maybe it is about the arrogance of our leaders and of the intellectuals and their inability to face the problems of the people.
It could also be about the savagery that springs out from every corner threatening our liberty. And this savagery has many faces: religious, political, social, psychological. And this savagery is dressing up as love, caress and declares democracy and liberty, while it is brutally axing the foundations of our civilization.


released June 19, 2017

Morpheus Tales are:
Paris: Guitars, drums/ keys programming
Giorgos P: Guitars
Lee: Vocals

Stefanos D: Bass
Orestis Exidaris: Saxophone

All music written by Paris and Giorgos P.

Lyrics written by Giorgos P.

Recorded in Thessaloniki, Greece, in the winter of 2017.

Re-amp done at Shellac Studios, Thessaloniki:

The album was mixed, produced and mastered by Pantelis Benos.

Help for drums production and programming by Geegor.

The album artwork was created by tk project:



all rights reserved


Morpheus Tales Greece

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Track Name: Chapter I
What is this thing that stands before me?
What's that pitch black darkness ahead of me?
Order. Fire. Cleansing. Chaos.

What is this thing that lays before me?
A path; is it a duty? Α purpose?
Hate. Torture. Death. Elevation.

But... for sure I'm not alone!
This path isn't only mine!
I'm not alone! Listen!
Listen to those screams!
They break the silence of the night!
And the drums!
They sound like distant thunders!

Torches burn before me.
They shine like stars in blackness.
A hundred?A thousand of them?

And as I approach, I see them clearly.
I walk among them. I watch them.
Faces of straw. Bodies of white silk.
Their puppets burn. Their crosses burn.
There will be blood! There will be blood!
Chanting. Howling. Screaming.

''There is death in the clouds''
''There is fear in the night''
''For the dead in their shrouds''
''Hail the sin's turning flight''

As their naked bodies dance around the altar
Αnd they chant wild in the green fields,
Visions of past emerge.
Saving them from themselves.
Liberating them from all fear.

''Hail! Hail!
''Hail! Oaken shades,''
''and meadows of dewy green,''
''So oft in sleep, yet never in waking seen.''
''Where prayed my fathers in a vanished hour:''
''What countless years of reverence can You claim''
''From bygone worshipers that whispered Thy name! ''
''...Where the oaks feel the presence that marches,''
''And stalks on where no spirit dares rove,''
''And we flee from a thing that surrounds us,''
''and leers through dead branches above.''

Clouds gather up high.
The night sky turns red.

Snow is covering the ground
The valley's freezing dead.

The vastness of the field grows
as bodies become one.

The ancient ritual is to begin
The dead rise from sleep.

Sacrifice is going on tonight
to honour the sacred lands.

The trees circle us in silence
they watch us in the dark.

Three is the holy number.
Three altars stand before me.

One has the Wheat, the other: the Ox
And the other has the Child.

Land. Meat. Human.
Wealth. Prosperity. Fertility.

And they dance! And they sing!
Tripping and laughing!

And they sing! And they howl!
For the sake of the gods!

Wealth. Prosperity. Fertility.

''Earth! The Holy! Show mercy!''
''Mother! Look down on your sons!''

''Sun! The Holy! Give us strength!''
''Father! Give us power!''

''Wind! The Holy! We are your servants!''
''Father! We are your slaves!''

“Water! The Holy! Listen to our chants!”
“Father! Listen to our prayers!”

''For you, we sacrifice this wheat!''
''We sacrifice this ox.''
''We sacrifice this child.''
''For you, we sacrifice that Stranger!''

Look at their soulless eyes!
Look at their steaming naked bodies!
They wait patiently for me.
They watch my every move.

This sight was not meant for you.
The songs were not for your ears.
Run! Run to the forest!
Into the night! Fly!

The dark forest awaits for me.
Its branches reach out for my fear .
It tries to grab me. Swallow me whole.
It is watching. It is alive.

The trees have a mind of their own.
They watch. They are alive.

And so, as they run after me
I jump in fear into the unknown.
I need a hand to lead me.
To show me the light in the night.
I mean to reach for salvation.
All is lost.
There is no hope.

One step after another
My footsteps vanish in snow.
The unknown spreads ahead of me.
And terror occupies my blurry mind.
I despair. I loose my sense.
All is lost.
All hope is gone.
Track Name: Chapter II
This noise, it never ends.
It spreads, like a disease.

The noise inside my head.
It batters. It never ends.

This pain, it never rests.
It spreads. It conquers my mind.

The pain inside my head.
It tingles. It never rests.

I'm being hunted!
I'm being mocked!
I'm the enemy!
I'm the prey!

I am hated to death!
I am scarred to death!
I am left out here to die!
Listen! Here they come again!

The earth shatters before my eyes.
The ground opens.
Then the gap's gone again.

The wind takes me away.
Trees bend to break.

The fear. It is excruciating.
A fear that won't go away.

The loneliness. It is shattering.
I'm broken. I cannot hold.

All light has been taken away from me.
I am lost. I am done.
All has given up on me.
I run alone. I hide alone.
All hope is gone.
All hope is gone!

I fall. I drown. I shout! In darkness.
I raise my hands to the moon!

I whisper. I beg. I cry! In silence.
I raise my voice to the red sky!

The pale light!
The light cannot help me!
The mighty sky!
The sky cannot help me!

I am alone.
Εarth is against me.
I am alone.
Εarth has turned hostile.

I am alone.
Εarth is against me.
Nature despises my existence.
Her creatures have come to hunt me.

Listen to the trees whisper.
Their truths they never lie.

I am chased. I am scarred. I am hated.
Listen to their voices! They are insane!

I am unwanted. I am an intruder.
My life does not count a thing.

I have nowhere to turn to.
I have no place to hide.

I fall. I drown. I shout! In darkness.
I raise my hands to the moon!

Wait! Why are you running?
Why do you need to hide?
Stand tall! Stand strong!
Confront them!

Look around!
Find your place!
Look for the truth!
It will set you free!

See the mountain!
It shines!
Open your eyes!
You must climb it!
Find the strength!
Find the patience!
It is a road long and dark!
You know it!
Do not loose the way!
Do not loose the courage!
Climb it!
The truth lies ahead of you!
And you have no choice!
This path is your duty!
You shall not follow any footsteps!
You shall not worship any false gods!
You shall become the only one!
You shall eliminate all those below you!
You shall thrive; That is your duty!

Through pain comes glory.
Through darkness comes light.
Through death comes elevation.
You must hope for nothing!
You must fear nothing!
You must break free from your heart!
You must break free from your mind!
You must break your heavy chains!
You must reach what you cannot reach!
You must touch what you cannot touch!
You must become free!
And remember.
Life is a sequence of dreams.
Death is an illusion.
Death is an illusion.

I am crushed.
By the vastness of the world.

I am broken.
By the emptiness of all life.

The great void consumes me.
But I will stand. I will not stop!

I am the storm that approaches
I am an army! I am not alone!

All of them will crawl!
And all of them will beg.

I am the storm that is coming!
Prepare! I am awaken!

Empty hollow spaces above
and black stars that do shine,

Be my guides! Show me the way
I'm the storm that approaches.
I am your Nemesis! Beware!

But... my revenge is different
I am not an executioner.
I am not a killer.
No heads will roll.
No blood will be spilled.
But I will not spare them.
I will not hesitate.
I will not show mercy.
Like a strong wind blowing
I will shatter this world you live in.
I will tear down your gods.
They are false gods anyway.
I will be your god!
The One and Only!

See the mountain! It shines!
Open your eyes!
Do not loose the way!
You have no choice!
Track Name: Chapter III
So, my journey starts from here.
This is a journey to the stars.

Can you see them tonight? They shine so bright !
I want to live among them.

Now. I am chased.
My road leads me to this place.

This mountain is full of promises
Climb it and the world will shine too.

It will be as no one else has ever existed.
It will be like you are the first man on earth.

From distance, people will seem like ants.
And their prisons like small glass spheres.

You will see things from a different aspect.
Your mind will ascend to dazzling heights.

Your company will be the white clouds.
But be not afraid. You will be safe.

You want to make this world a better one.
Alright then! Go on!

Just remember all those things you've learned!
You must turn everything upside down!
You must burn all that is rotten to the core!
You must bring this world to an end!

You owe it to yourself!
Bring down all that is evil!
Bring down all that is good!
You are alone. It is just you!

You owe it to those who do not exist yet.
Bring down all that is not pure!
Bring down all that is not just!
It is only you. You will be alone!

This painful grief must come to an end.
It suffocates us. It drowns us.
It takes away all the will to live.
This unbearable grief must end.

Change. Requires. Sacrifice. Of self.
Survival. Requires. Sacrifice. Of self.

Change requires sacrifice of self.
Survival requires sacrifice of self.
You must change quick. You must survive!
You must adapt quick. You must stay alive!

Innocence is not coming back.
You must not feel that ashamed.
I will rise. I will rise. I will rise
While the sun of dawn burns your eyes!

So beautiful is this burden.
While asleep it never goes away.
Beautiful are these painful ties
That drive my will above all of the rest.

There is no coming back.
The clouds will hang below me.
The wild birds will fly with me.
And I will watch you from afar.

Ashes will be brought by the wind.
Of what you all once knew and loved.
All is scattered in the air you breath.
Take some time to admire your past life.

Just remember all those things you've learned!
You must turn everything upside down!
You must burn all that is rotten to the core!
You must bring this world to an end.

You owe it to yourself!
Bring down all that is evil!
Bring down all that is good!
You are alone. It is just you!

You owe it to those who do not exist yet.
Bring down all that is not pure!
Bring down all that is not just!
It is only you. You will be alone!

But I am not ready yet.
This menace approaches.
I can listen to their voices closing in.
I must hide from the face of the earth.
Track Name: Chapter IV
Black holes in the sky!
I see my face on the sun.
I see my soul among the stars.
And I fly.

This vivid insane whisper
(It) follows each hazy step I make.
It comes in solid shapes.
And as an aura it goes.

I have denied.
For it,
Even my life.
I will be crucified,
For it.

I am your saviour.
I am a messiah.

Listen to me!
If the light takes us,
whom are you going to betray?

Listen to me!
Whom are you going to blame,
If the darkness is upon us?

Whom will you betray?
Whom will you blame?
When it is judgement time!
When everything falls apart!

Which side will you pick?
Which disease will you spread?
When it is time for war!
When everything falls apart!

Whom will you betray?
Whom will you blame?
When it is judgement time!
When everything falls apart!

Which side will you pick?
Which disease will you spread?
When it is time for war!
When everything falls apart!

If the light takes us.
If the darkness takes us
You will be alone.
You live as you dream.
Track Name: Chapter V
As rain was pouring down on the ground
soaking every span of land
Revelation came to mind
Visions swarmed my eyes.

Stranded in a sea of faces
a sea of million faces
Blackness- as the sky above me-
surrounds my floating body.

There I finally stood
in the monstrous mist
waiting to get vanished
To be swallowed by the Beast.

My hands were holding infinity
Eternity seemed like a gasp
As time stood still
Like in a fall to bottomless hole.

All was distinct and distant
just like the smile of a familiar face.
Only that thing mattered
and for that I only cared

A light. A sound. A thought.
It scorched my mind.
I felt sunbeams upon my face.
I came back to life.

Now look! A gate opens ahead of me!
It leads me to the unknown.
A world opens up in front of me.
Shadows circle me in silence.

Light springs from every corner.
It blinds me. It cripples me.
This place creates my memories.
It is not the past. It is not the future.
There is a town. I see a crowd.
Tall buildings. Loud people.
They spread like a disease.
Now the city sleeps beneath my feet.
I'm flying. I'm reaching for the sky.
The moon dives in the water below.
It is reflected. It is distorted.
Those waters are greedy.
They slowly swallow everything.
They come in waves.
They go with the tides.

Where am I though?
This place is not home!
This place is hostile!
I must run away!
I must fly!
The answer is in the sea!
I have to find the truth!
This place is rotten to the core!
It has killed everyone!
Look around!
I must run away!
This a nightmare!
Is this a dream?
Am I dreaming?

Am I dreaming?

Watch the bodies!
They dance around the fire!
Did you notice the bloodstreams?
They flow from the top of the hill!

Gallows surround them.
Soulless bodies hang.
Screams break the silence.
Blood comes down as rain.

They kill all those who are different.
You must be like them. You have to.
You must turn to whatever they are.
For you to live. For you to survive.

Please. Save me.
Please. I want to live.
I will do whatever you want.
Please. I want to live.

''Innocence is long gone!''
''Nothing can last!''
''Burn them all!''
''Burn everything down!''
''There Is no sanctuary!''
''There is nothing sacred!''
''Nobody is safe!''
''Burn them!''
''Burn their insane minds!''
''Burn their beautiful minds!''
''Burn them! Burn them!''
''They rise! They drown us!''
''Now run, puppet, run!''

''Run, puppet! Run!''
''This world is no longer yours!''
''This life is no longer yours!''
''You're the one to save us all!''
''Our Fathers foresaw your coming!''
''You're the One!''
''Through pain comes glory!''
''You're the One!''
''Through death comes life!''
Track Name: Chapter VI
Your words.
They sound so mellow.
You build worlds.
But you tear them down.
You paint blue skies.
But you burn them down.
Your songs.
They sound so mellow.

I hear your words.
Loud and clear.
I can see
between the lines.

But which is the truth?
And what is lies?

Where is the truth that you promise?
Where is the dawn that you foresee?
Look inside you!
Nothingness. Emptiness. Eternal void.

Chaos is all you crave.
No progress. No future.
People kneeling for fake gods.
People living under misery.
Look! Look inside you!

Someone got himself crucified.
For our fictitious sins.
He had promised eternal salvation.
And he became a symbol of a messiah.
He is a hypocrite! He is a fool!
Deny him! Listen to me!
Deny every god! Deny them!
Deny everything!

My will is for something else.
The new age will be different.
My revolution comes.
And my kingdom will not be of this world.

Salvation is a big circle
and this circle must close.
Around its lines,
the abyss lurks.
One wrong step
and you are lost.
You must walk on thin air
Like an acrobat.
Else... the void consumes you.
You have to look the abyss in the eye
Do not be afraid.
Do not be afraid of the darkness.
Do not be attracted by the light.

This salvation is a big circle
and this circle must close.
For salvation you must discover truth.
Your own personal truth.
Discover it. Then reach it.
By then the abyss will not mean a thing.
You will be superior.
You will be free.

What is the form of my abyss?
Which is my own truth?

And all those pitiful martyrs.
Their memory is now long gone.
Flames burned their faces.
Searching for eternal forgiveness,
Their bodies now rot in pits.

You! Embrace the sun!
Everything melts but your body.
You will be saved.
You wear a crown of a billion stars.
You hold infinity in your hands.

You! Yes you!
Me? I will not perish too!
I will not fall into the abyss.
My truth shines.
So, I will march ahead.
To the end of the world! And beyond!
To the end of time! And beyond!
To the end of the Cosmos! And beyond!
Track Name: Chapter VII
Do you really believe your self?
Whom are you kidding!?
Of course there is no truth!
You keep repeating yourself
and I keep lying to you.
I am you and you are me.
But I have a mind off my own
hidden deep beneath.

You run and you climb!
You run towards the mountain top!
The outcome is still out of sight.
Your expectations differ from reality.
Can't you perceive it as I do?
See the world like it truly is!
You refuse to accept it!?
You cannot change a thing!
Wake up by accepting it!
The melancholy of resistance will crush you!
There is no salvation!
The mountain top is the end!
There is no way out of this!
Yes! You must despair!
Believe me!
I am not your enemy!
I want you to live!

These are the words of a coward.
Those who do not dare, they shall perish.
To reach salvation I must cut all ties.
To reach freedom I must be brave.
I will give up everything that I own
to be inside a forest of stars.
No lies will interrupt my ascension.
The future is now determined.

You will bleed. And I will bleed.

You will look me in my pale blue eyes.
You will bleed all the blood I have spilt for you.
I choose this path of heavy pain.
The body must suffer to cleanse the soul.
This is neither futility nor vanity.
It is just the way our spirituality works.
It is a long way to reach the sky.
And my body as I walk it is collapsing.

I will bleed. And you will bleed.

There are no spirits.
There are no gods.
There is no heaven. Or hell.
There is no salvation.

You are alone.
I am alone.

But how can it be?
This is all wrong!

The storm may hit me hard like a whiplash,
But I can march towards my reason for being.
The will for change is what fuels and propels me.
Everyone! Watch as I bring you down!

My journey to the end is now over.
This is what I've always dreamt of.

I envisioned of creating the world. Αgain.
I would burn the one that in vain exists.
A new one I would build from its ashes.
Can you all, you lunatics, listen to me?

My journey to the end is now over.
I now can see all that I used to hope for.

I will not be crucified as the false prophets before me!
I am here. I am alive. I am free. Finally.
The mountains will shake when I pass among them!
The seas will evaporate on my fierce command!

Now, it is the time of my eternal reign!
Those who will follow me shall live forever!

I know now that I have to die to win.
But it is not the end at the time that I am gone.
My ideas will keep living! My teachings too!
Reach out to me. I will be there for you...

There are others like me,who refuse to bow down.
Who refuse to believe. They will come.

This is my prophecy.
This is my call.
Track Name: Chapter VIII
There is a doorstep we all want to cross.
There is a will to bring a change.
And to feel (that) there is an impact.

You want to feel alive
and that the earth is trembling.

But no one can see. They refuse to.
That great disharmonies and ugliness,
they oddly form us and strengthen us.

Αnd since they do not kill us,
they make us stronger.

They are what keeps us together
in this vortex of space-time.
They destroy us and everything around us.

The disharmonies are essential.
They are all that we have.

You say so! And you fool yourselves!
I can see clearly now.
Τhe Reason.

I am done.
I am ready now.

This is the altar that calls me.
It screams my name in whispers.
Willingly I lay myself on it.
A vortex swirls up in the sky.
Black holes suck the air I breathe.

I am tied facings the void.
I cannot look away.
The sun is black.
The stars are black.
The sky is pale white.

Black mirrors surround me.
They question my reasons for living.
Reflecting my desires for change.
Who am I? What am I?
I am alive.

Am I alive?
As long as fires burn in my eyeballs.
The flames will exhume my pain.
And they will set me free.
This will be the end.
Now the world is gone.
Blindfolds hold me from reality.
Drum sounds come from distance,
From a different part all the time,
As the world keeps spinning.

I think I am dreaming of flying high.
Αbove the crushing waves of reality.
I dream of running towards the unknown.
I dream I am not on that mountaintop.

The altar is not here for me.
I am not on it.
I am laying on thin air.
This is not me here.

I am away. To a secret place.
No one can find me there.
Holding the secrets of life
I am the king.

And holding the keys of all truth
I am a king.
Above all.
I reached what I could not reach.

But this is not a dream!
I should know.
Space-time is real.
Each breathe I take is real.

Everything is real.
And this illusion must end.
What illusion?

Fractions of time
surround my scarred senses
I am constantly falling.
But there is no ground,
To end this sequence.

Ι waft. I elevate. I fly.
In a space were nothing exists.
This is the void.

From the void into the darkness.
The drums are deafening.
Smell of fire floods my senses.
And I know it is time.
This is the end.
What is this thing that stands before me?
What's that pitch black darkness ahead of me?
[Order? Chaos?]
It does not matter.

I fly. I elevate. I ascend.
To a space were nothing exists.
I open my arms.
I embrace the black sun.
And I am for ever gone.