Chapter I

from by Morpheus Tales

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What is this thing that stands before me?
What's that pitch black darkness ahead of me?
Order. Fire. Cleansing. Chaos.

What is this thing that lays before me?
A path; is it a duty? Α purpose?
Hate. Torture. Death. Elevation.

But... for sure I'm not alone!
This path isn't only mine!
I'm not alone! Listen!
Listen to those screams!
They break the silence of the night!
And the drums!
They sound like distant thunders!

Torches burn before me.
They shine like stars in blackness.
A hundred?A thousand of them?

And as I approach, I see them clearly.
I walk among them. I watch them.
Faces of straw. Bodies of white silk.
Their puppets burn. Their crosses burn.
There will be blood! There will be blood!
Chanting. Howling. Screaming.

''There is death in the clouds''
''There is fear in the night''
''For the dead in their shrouds''
''Hail the sin's turning flight''

As their naked bodies dance around the altar
Αnd they chant wild in the green fields,
Visions of past emerge.
Saving them from themselves.
Liberating them from all fear.

''Hail! Hail!
''Hail! Oaken shades,''
''and meadows of dewy green,''
''So oft in sleep, yet never in waking seen.''
''Where prayed my fathers in a vanished hour:''
''What countless years of reverence can You claim''
''From bygone worshipers that whispered Thy name! ''
''...Where the oaks feel the presence that marches,''
''And stalks on where no spirit dares rove,''
''And we flee from a thing that surrounds us,''
''and leers through dead branches above.''

Clouds gather up high.
The night sky turns red.

Snow is covering the ground
The valley's freezing dead.

The vastness of the field grows
as bodies become one.

The ancient ritual is to begin
The dead rise from sleep.

Sacrifice is going on tonight
to honour the sacred lands.

The trees circle us in silence
they watch us in the dark.

Three is the holy number.
Three altars stand before me.

One has the Wheat, the other: the Ox
And the other has the Child.

Land. Meat. Human.
Wealth. Prosperity. Fertility.

And they dance! And they sing!
Tripping and laughing!

And they sing! And they howl!
For the sake of the gods!

Wealth. Prosperity. Fertility.

''Earth! The Holy! Show mercy!''
''Mother! Look down on your sons!''

''Sun! The Holy! Give us strength!''
''Father! Give us power!''

''Wind! The Holy! We are your servants!''
''Father! We are your slaves!''

“Water! The Holy! Listen to our chants!”
“Father! Listen to our prayers!”

''For you, we sacrifice this wheat!''
''We sacrifice this ox.''
''We sacrifice this child.''
''For you, we sacrifice that Stranger!''

Look at their soulless eyes!
Look at their steaming naked bodies!
They wait patiently for me.
They watch my every move.

This sight was not meant for you.
The songs were not for your ears.
Run! Run to the forest!
Into the night! Fly!

The dark forest awaits for me.
Its branches reach out for my fear .
It tries to grab me. Swallow me whole.
It is watching. It is alive.

The trees have a mind of their own.
They watch. They are alive.

And so, as they run after me
I jump in fear into the unknown.
I need a hand to lead me.
To show me the light in the night.
I mean to reach for salvation.
All is lost.
There is no hope.

One step after another
My footsteps vanish in snow.
The unknown spreads ahead of me.
And terror occupies my blurry mind.
I despair. I loose my sense.
All is lost.
All hope is gone.


from II, released June 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Morpheus Tales Greece

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