Chapter VII

from by Morpheus Tales

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Do you really believe your self?
Whom are you kidding!?
Of course there is no truth!
You keep repeating yourself
and I keep lying to you.
I am you and you are me.
But I have a mind off my own
hidden deep beneath.

You run and you climb!
You run towards the mountain top!
The outcome is still out of sight.
Your expectations differ from reality.
Can't you perceive it as I do?
See the world like it truly is!
You refuse to accept it!?
You cannot change a thing!
Wake up by accepting it!
The melancholy of resistance will crush you!
There is no salvation!
The mountain top is the end!
There is no way out of this!
Yes! You must despair!
Believe me!
I am not your enemy!
I want you to live!

These are the words of a coward.
Those who do not dare, they shall perish.
To reach salvation I must cut all ties.
To reach freedom I must be brave.
I will give up everything that I own
to be inside a forest of stars.
No lies will interrupt my ascension.
The future is now determined.

You will bleed. And I will bleed.

You will look me in my pale blue eyes.
You will bleed all the blood I have spilt for you.
I choose this path of heavy pain.
The body must suffer to cleanse the soul.
This is neither futility nor vanity.
It is just the way our spirituality works.
It is a long way to reach the sky.
And my body as I walk it is collapsing.

I will bleed. And you will bleed.

There are no spirits.
There are no gods.
There is no heaven. Or hell.
There is no salvation.

You are alone.
I am alone.

But how can it be?
This is all wrong!

The storm may hit me hard like a whiplash,
But I can march towards my reason for being.
The will for change is what fuels and propels me.
Everyone! Watch as I bring you down!

My journey to the end is now over.
This is what I've always dreamt of.

I envisioned of creating the world. Αgain.
I would burn the one that in vain exists.
A new one I would build from its ashes.
Can you all, you lunatics, listen to me?

My journey to the end is now over.
I now can see all that I used to hope for.

I will not be crucified as the false prophets before me!
I am here. I am alive. I am free. Finally.
The mountains will shake when I pass among them!
The seas will evaporate on my fierce command!

Now, it is the time of my eternal reign!
Those who will follow me shall live forever!

I know now that I have to die to win.
But it is not the end at the time that I am gone.
My ideas will keep living! My teachings too!
Reach out to me. I will be there for you...

There are others like me,who refuse to bow down.
Who refuse to believe. They will come.

This is my prophecy.
This is my call.


from II, released June 19, 2017



all rights reserved


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