Chapter VI

from by Morpheus Tales

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Your words.
They sound so mellow.
You build worlds.
But you tear them down.
You paint blue skies.
But you burn them down.
Your songs.
They sound so mellow.

I hear your words.
Loud and clear.
I can see
between the lines.

But which is the truth?
And what is lies?

Where is the truth that you promise?
Where is the dawn that you foresee?
Look inside you!
Nothingness. Emptiness. Eternal void.

Chaos is all you crave.
No progress. No future.
People kneeling for fake gods.
People living under misery.
Look! Look inside you!

Someone got himself crucified.
For our fictitious sins.
He had promised eternal salvation.
And he became a symbol of a messiah.
He is a hypocrite! He is a fool!
Deny him! Listen to me!
Deny every god! Deny them!
Deny everything!

My will is for something else.
The new age will be different.
My revolution comes.
And my kingdom will not be of this world.

Salvation is a big circle
and this circle must close.
Around its lines,
the abyss lurks.
One wrong step
and you are lost.
You must walk on thin air
Like an acrobat.
Else... the void consumes you.
You have to look the abyss in the eye
Do not be afraid.
Do not be afraid of the darkness.
Do not be attracted by the light.

This salvation is a big circle
and this circle must close.
For salvation you must discover truth.
Your own personal truth.
Discover it. Then reach it.
By then the abyss will not mean a thing.
You will be superior.
You will be free.

What is the form of my abyss?
Which is my own truth?

And all those pitiful martyrs.
Their memory is now long gone.
Flames burned their faces.
Searching for eternal forgiveness,
Their bodies now rot in pits.

You! Embrace the sun!
Everything melts but your body.
You will be saved.
You wear a crown of a billion stars.
You hold infinity in your hands.

You! Yes you!
Me? I will not perish too!
I will not fall into the abyss.
My truth shines.
So, I will march ahead.
To the end of the world! And beyond!
To the end of time! And beyond!
To the end of the Cosmos! And beyond!


from II, released June 19, 2017



all rights reserved


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