Chapter V

from by Morpheus Tales

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As rain was pouring down on the ground
soaking every span of land
Revelation came to mind
Visions swarmed my eyes.

Stranded in a sea of faces
a sea of million faces
Blackness- as the sky above me-
surrounds my floating body.

There I finally stood
in the monstrous mist
waiting to get vanished
To be swallowed by the Beast.

My hands were holding infinity
Eternity seemed like a gasp
As time stood still
Like in a fall to bottomless hole.

All was distinct and distant
just like the smile of a familiar face.
Only that thing mattered
and for that I only cared

A light. A sound. A thought.
It scorched my mind.
I felt sunbeams upon my face.
I came back to life.

Now look! A gate opens ahead of me!
It leads me to the unknown.
A world opens up in front of me.
Shadows circle me in silence.

Light springs from every corner.
It blinds me. It cripples me.
This place creates my memories.
It is not the past. It is not the future.
There is a town. I see a crowd.
Tall buildings. Loud people.
They spread like a disease.
Now the city sleeps beneath my feet.
I'm flying. I'm reaching for the sky.
The moon dives in the water below.
It is reflected. It is distorted.
Those waters are greedy.
They slowly swallow everything.
They come in waves.
They go with the tides.

Where am I though?
This place is not home!
This place is hostile!
I must run away!
I must fly!
The answer is in the sea!
I have to find the truth!
This place is rotten to the core!
It has killed everyone!
Look around!
I must run away!
This a nightmare!
Is this a dream?
Am I dreaming?

Am I dreaming?

Watch the bodies!
They dance around the fire!
Did you notice the bloodstreams?
They flow from the top of the hill!

Gallows surround them.
Soulless bodies hang.
Screams break the silence.
Blood comes down as rain.

They kill all those who are different.
You must be like them. You have to.
You must turn to whatever they are.
For you to live. For you to survive.

Please. Save me.
Please. I want to live.
I will do whatever you want.
Please. I want to live.

''Innocence is long gone!''
''Nothing can last!''
''Burn them all!''
''Burn everything down!''
''There Is no sanctuary!''
''There is nothing sacred!''
''Nobody is safe!''
''Burn them!''
''Burn their insane minds!''
''Burn their beautiful minds!''
''Burn them! Burn them!''
''They rise! They drown us!''
''Now run, puppet, run!''

''Run, puppet! Run!''
''This world is no longer yours!''
''This life is no longer yours!''
''You're the one to save us all!''
''Our Fathers foresaw your coming!''
''You're the One!''
''Through pain comes glory!''
''You're the One!''
''Through death comes life!''


from II, released June 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Morpheus Tales Greece

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