Chapter II

from by Morpheus Tales

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This noise, it never ends.
It spreads, like a disease.

The noise inside my head.
It batters. It never ends.

This pain, it never rests.
It spreads. It conquers my mind.

The pain inside my head.
It tingles. It never rests.

I'm being hunted!
I'm being mocked!
I'm the enemy!
I'm the prey!

I am hated to death!
I am scarred to death!
I am left out here to die!
Listen! Here they come again!

The earth shatters before my eyes.
The ground opens.
Then the gap's gone again.

The wind takes me away.
Trees bend to break.

The fear. It is excruciating.
A fear that won't go away.

The loneliness. It is shattering.
I'm broken. I cannot hold.

All light has been taken away from me.
I am lost. I am done.
All has given up on me.
I run alone. I hide alone.
All hope is gone.
All hope is gone!

I fall. I drown. I shout! In darkness.
I raise my hands to the moon!

I whisper. I beg. I cry! In silence.
I raise my voice to the red sky!

The pale light!
The light cannot help me!
The mighty sky!
The sky cannot help me!

I am alone.
Εarth is against me.
I am alone.
Εarth has turned hostile.

I am alone.
Εarth is against me.
Nature despises my existence.
Her creatures have come to hunt me.

Listen to the trees whisper.
Their truths they never lie.

I am chased. I am scarred. I am hated.
Listen to their voices! They are insane!

I am unwanted. I am an intruder.
My life does not count a thing.

I have nowhere to turn to.
I have no place to hide.

I fall. I drown. I shout! In darkness.
I raise my hands to the moon!

Wait! Why are you running?
Why do you need to hide?
Stand tall! Stand strong!
Confront them!

Look around!
Find your place!
Look for the truth!
It will set you free!

See the mountain!
It shines!
Open your eyes!
You must climb it!
Find the strength!
Find the patience!
It is a road long and dark!
You know it!
Do not loose the way!
Do not loose the courage!
Climb it!
The truth lies ahead of you!
And you have no choice!
This path is your duty!
You shall not follow any footsteps!
You shall not worship any false gods!
You shall become the only one!
You shall eliminate all those below you!
You shall thrive; That is your duty!

Through pain comes glory.
Through darkness comes light.
Through death comes elevation.
You must hope for nothing!
You must fear nothing!
You must break free from your heart!
You must break free from your mind!
You must break your heavy chains!
You must reach what you cannot reach!
You must touch what you cannot touch!
You must become free!
And remember.
Life is a sequence of dreams.
Death is an illusion.
Death is an illusion.

I am crushed.
By the vastness of the world.

I am broken.
By the emptiness of all life.

The great void consumes me.
But I will stand. I will not stop!

I am the storm that approaches
I am an army! I am not alone!

All of them will crawl!
And all of them will beg.

I am the storm that is coming!
Prepare! I am awaken!

Empty hollow spaces above
and black stars that do shine,

Be my guides! Show me the way
I'm the storm that approaches.
I am your Nemesis! Beware!

But... my revenge is different
I am not an executioner.
I am not a killer.
No heads will roll.
No blood will be spilled.
But I will not spare them.
I will not hesitate.
I will not show mercy.
Like a strong wind blowing
I will shatter this world you live in.
I will tear down your gods.
They are false gods anyway.
I will be your god!
The One and Only!

See the mountain! It shines!
Open your eyes!
Do not loose the way!
You have no choice!


from II, released June 19, 2017



all rights reserved


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